Bone Monstrosity Spirit

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Bone Monstrosity Spirit

The Lord of Light

The Lord of Light.jpg

The Lord of Light is a crawling, vaguely humanoid skeleton made of normal-sized bones.

The Lord of Light feasts on a diet of bones. The Lord of Light is moderately smart, and can only speak sign languages.

The Lord of Light
Mythic   —   3000 points
AD  3     GD 11     Will 3     HP  9     Toughness 10
Muscle 13     Accuracy  3     Save DC 8     Magic Power 3
Stealth -2     Perception 4     Agility -10
Descriptors  [ Bony ], [ Undead ], [ White ]
Movement  35 meter land speed with 8 meter jump. 5 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  32 meters     Reach 7.59 meters
Carrying Capacity 81920 kilograms      Weight 655360 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Physical Evasion, Stubborn, Slippery Wit 2, Offensive 2, Sturdy 2, Brutal 2
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 2, Ungrabbable 2, Determined 2, Aggressive 2, Perceptive 2, Sturdy 3, Super-Sturdy 1
Extras  Big 5, Might & Magic 3
Skills  Nature +11 (2048 skill points), Bluff +9 (952 skill points)

The Lord of Light's unarmed attacks deal 1d6+14 damage (strongman included) and fling each wounded creature 250 meters in the direction of the bone monstrosity's choice.

Because it is made of normal sized bones, it can squeeze through holes only 0.5 meters wide, but it gets a -3 penalty to accuracy while partially squeezed.

The Lord of Light has total control over all light within 200 meters of itself: if it spends a lesser action each round, it can alter and animate an illusion filling the area: this illusion may involve making darkness around various creatures' eyes, letting it blind any number of creatures it is aware of in the area with ease. This also allows it to negate any amount of Light damage dealt by attacks that spend any part of their trajectories in the area.

As a Standard Action, the Lord of Light can attack all creatures in a 1000 meter, 90 degree conical spray for 1d6+5 Light damage (Magic Power included). [ Undead ] creatures that would be wounded by this searing light are brought under the bone monstrosity's control for that many rounds instead.

Defeat: When the bone monstrosity spirit is reduced to -4 HP or less, it is utterly destroyed, and all bone monstrosities become ordinary 3 point people. Glowing colored fogs for each of the currently non-existent gems appear in its space: once one of those fogs is entered by a creature of common-tier or greater, that creature is utterly destroyed and all white gems change to be that color.