Attack dog

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Attack Dog

Attack dog.png

An attack dog is a big toothy quadruped.

Attack dogs are not particularly smart, and can only speak Wolf languages.

Attack Dog
Common   —   3 points
AD  3     GD 3     Will 0     HP  1     Toughness 4
Muscle 1     Accuracy  0     Save DC 4     Magic Power 0
Stealth 0     Perception 0     Agility 0
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ]
Movement  20 meter land speed with 3 meter jump. 10 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Carrying Capacity 20 kilograms      Weight 60 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Brutal
Extras  Strong

Attack dogs only have one "hand", their mouths, and deal 1d6+1 damage with unarmed attacks that use that hand (Muscle included).

The base range of their scent sense is 30 meters.


Dire (4 points): The Attack Dog gets two more Basic Specialties, and can move up to its normal non-run speed when it Tactile Searches, getting to detect things by Scent over the entire region traveled. The Attack Dog's unarmed attacks knock the target prone on a successful wound.

Man's Best Friend (4 points): The Attack Dog gets two more Basic Specialties, becomes [ Purple ], and can form a one-way telepathic bond with a creature as a standard action. That creature can project images and commands into the Attack Dog's mind as a lesser action. The telepathic bond wears off after 1 day.