Time skip

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Time Skip.png
OrangeGem.png Time Skip
You skip forwards in time.
[ Time ]
Target: You
Effect: As you cast this spell, choose some number of rounds. You (and your equipment) disappear for that many rounds. You then reappear as close to where you disappeared as possible.
Unique Boosts: Hop Skip (+1 Tier, PurpleGem.png): When you cast Time Skip, choose a location within 30 meters per round of disappearance. You reappear as close to that location as possible instead.

Name Retrieval (+1 Tier, PurpleGem.png): When you cast Time Skip, speak a word or phrase. If a creature within 10 meters of your disappearance location speaks that word or phrase, you reappear prematurely.

Shared Effect (+1 Tier): Any creature touching you as the spell is cast may choose to be affected as well.

Skip Self (+1 Tier): You are not affected, but your equipment (and other creatures and their equipment, with Shared Effect) still are.

Future Passage (+2 Tiers, requires Shared Effect): When you cast Time Skip, a faint orange sphere remains at your location. Any creature who enters the sphere disappears as per time skip, reappearing at the same specified time.