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This particular tazing device also has advanced hacking support, of course.
Coins 40
Weight 1 Kilogram
Damage: 1d6 Electricity
Handedness: The Tazer can only be wielded in one hand.
Effects: If you successfully hit a target with the Tazer, the prongs from the Tazer are stuck into them until someone within reach takes a move action to remove the prongs. While its prongs are stuck in a target with augments, the Tazer can be used to hack them. When stuck in any target, the Tazer cannot be carried away from the target or used to attack another target without first removing the prongs, and attacks with the Tazer against the current target hit automatically.
If you successfully wound a target with the Tazer, they are stunned for 1 round.
The Tazer has both wired and wireless connections. The wireless can be turned on or off as a standard action.
Special: The Tazer cannot reduce a target below 0 HP, except on a critical hit. The Tazer cannot be used more than once per round.