Spatial tunneling

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PurpleGem.png Spatial Tunneling
These two portals are just as far from each other on the inside.
[ Bound ]
Target: Two flat surfaces to which you have line of sight within 300 meters
Effect: You create an extradimensional space with two 2 by 2 meter square entry points, one on each targeted surface. The extradimensional tunnel between them is perfectly straight, and is as long as the distance between the two entry points. In order to create an entry point on a surface which has creatures resting on it, you must hit each creature with an attack against AD; if you miss any, the spell fails, but if the space is created, they fall into it. The space is dispelled when the spell is no longer bound or when either of the surfaces are damaged from behind.

If the distance between the two entry points without using the tunnel changes, the distance inside the tunnel changes at well, adding or removing space from the center. Creatures and objects in the removed regions are shunted as little as possible towards the nearest entry point.

The Volume Ratio of the tunnel is 1 for every 20 meters of depth, rounded down.

Unique Boosts: Shortcut (+1 Tier): The tunnel is only one-quarter as long as the distance between the two entry points.