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OrangeGem.png Souzaque
A flaming birdlike shape erupts from one of your extremities.
[ Magic-Damage ]
Target: See effect
Effect: You create a flaming bird shape that immediately flies 200 meters, with a 20 meter aerobatics distance. When it collides with something, it flames out on the target, and you make a melee attack against the target for 1d6+1 Heat damage, with a successful wound lighting the target on fire. If the bird shape hasn't yet collided with anything, you can make it fly another 200 meters (with 20 meter aerobatics) by focusing on it as a standard action. If you end your turn without moving the bird shape, it dissipates harmlessly.

The sound of the flaming bird flaming out is audible from 300 meters away.

Ritual Mode: You imbue a vehicle with the power of a fiery bird, and for the next 2 minutes it maintains a steady altitude using its land speed even if the ground drops away beneath it. If it goes up hills during this time, the steady altitude it will maintain rises appropriately.