Skull grenade

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WhiteGem.png Skull Grenade
The inside of the skull glows gently.
[ Bound ], [ Magic-Damage ]
Cast Time: Move Action
Target: A skull you are holding
Effect: When it is thrown, the spell is unbound. One round after it is unbound, the skull detonates in a 12 meter spray of blinding light, blinding creatures in the area for 1d6 rounds and dealing 1d6-1 Light damage to them. The spray of light is visible from 24000 meters away.

The skull can be thrown up to 20 meters as a Heavy Grenade, and throwing it is not part of this spell's activation.

Unique Boosts: Undead-Turning Grenade (+0 Tiers): The light damage is only dealt to [ Undead ] creatures.