Plasma pack

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Plasma Pack
Coins 30
Weight 5 Kilograms
Reload Time: Standard action.
Ammunition: A canister weighs 10 Kilograms.
Handedness: The Plasma Pack takes two hands to reload.
Effects: When connected to a Plasma Rifle or Plasma Pistol, the Plasma Pack refills the clips inside those weapons when they are depleted. Each canister can refill 10 kilograms of clips before being depleted. The plasma pack can be connected to up to 8 weapons at once.
When destroyed or set to explode with a timer as a standard action, the Plasma Pack explodes, making a +0 Accuracy attack against AD against all creatures and unattended objects in a blast with a radius in meters equal to the number of kilograms remaining in its canister. Hit targets take 1d6+3 Heat damage and are lit on fire.