Necromancer's touch

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Necromancer's Touch.png
WhiteGem.png Necromancer's Touch
[ Bound ]
Target: Touched creature
Effect: If you hit the creature with an attack against GD, Necromancer's Touch becomes Bound to it. When the target hits an Undead creature with an Unarmed attack against AD, it may heal or inflict one wound instead of dealing damage.

By holding a dead creature's skull for 1 minute, the target can convert it into a talking skull, which obeys you completely. After 3 rounds, if the total force you possess exceeds your point limit, the talking skull loses interest in helping you and wanders off.

Unique Boosts: Give Life (+1 Tier, Pink Gem.png): The spell lets the target heal or inflict wounds on [ Living ] creatures with its Unarmed attacks instead, but if it uses the attacks to heal, it takes as many wounds as it heals.