Inverse share movement

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Pink Gem.png Inverse Share Movement
[ Bound ], [ Linked ]
Target: Two creatures or two objects to which you have line of sight, each within 100 meters of you
Effect: If you hit both targets with attacks against GD, their velocity becomes Inverse Shared while this spell is bound. When either target would be moved by a force, the kinetic energy of the movement is balanced such that their velocities stay opposite to each other: effectively, they share mass as though connected: if they are creatures, each is encumbered by the other's weight, and if they are objects, they both seem to have the weight of the two objects combined. Pushing on one moves the other in the opposite direction. Incidentally, this perfectly negates gravity.

The amount of force transferred by Inverse Share Movement can only change by 1250 kilogram gravities per round (12250 Newtons/round), meaning that very large objects may take more than one round to equalize velocities when the spell is cast or one is accelerated.

Creatures or objects with their velocity Inverse Shared cannot have their velocity Shared or Inverse Shared with other creatures or objects.