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PurpleGem.png Inculcate
Target: One creature who can hear you within 60 meters
Effect: If the target fails a Will Save, their mind gradually overflows with knowledge from random books. Each round, they get a cumulative +1 bonus to Insight, History, Supernatural Philosophy, Scripts, Items, and a cumulative -1 penalty to Perception. When their Perception is reduced to -2, they fall unconscious for 3 rounds and Inculcate ends.
Ritual Mode: This spell becomes [ Bound ]. Once the target falls unconscious, they forget everything except the past 5 minutes. This does not erase emotional memory, however, so even if they no longer remember why, they may still feel extreme antipathy of some sort towards you.

Whenever you tell the target about their past, whether true or false, they remember it as vividly as if it were their own memory, and do not remember you telling them.

When this spell is unbound, all the created memories you told them are forgotten and their real forgotten memories are remembered.

Unique Boosts: Supplementary History (+0 Tiers): When used as a ritual, the target does not forget anything.

Unremembered Conversation (+1 Tier): When you tell the target about their past using the ritual mode of this spell, nobody remembers you saying anything.