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OrangeGem.png Fireball
Beams of fire erupt from your eyes, causing an explosion at the place you are looking.
[ Magic-Damage ], [ Muscle-Area ]
Target: A 5 meter radius blast to which you have line of sight within 300 meters.
Effect: All creatures and unattended objects suffer an attack against AD for 1d6 Heat Damage. Creatures and objects wounded by this attack are lit on fire.

The explosion is audible from 1000 meters away.

Unique Boosts: Fire Column (+0 Tiers): The area also extends to a 10 meter spray going directly upwards from the blast region.

Scorched Earth (+1 Tier, Viridian.png): The parts of objects that are destroyed by the Fireball become toxic waste. The Fireball deals +1 Damage.

Stormball (+1 Tier, AnimatedCerulean.png): The Fireball deals +1 Damage, and the damage it deals becomes Electricity damage (it still lights things on fire). You must specify which creatures and unattended objects in the blast radius are affected; targets not specified do not suffer an attack.

Magmatize (+2 Tiers): After one round, all unattended objects within 5 meters of the center of the blast become lava.

Charged (+2 Tiers): To finish casting the Fireball, you have to take another Standard Action to cast it before the end of your next turn. The Fireball's Blast increases by 10 meters, it gets +4 Demolition, and it deals +1 Damage.