Fire beam

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OrangeGem.png Fire Beam
A massive beam of fire rips from your chest, leaving a wake of burning destruction in its path.
[ Magic-Damage ]
Target: A spray of fire, 1 meter wide and 200 meters long, with one end emanating from you.
Effect: Creatures and unattended objects in the path of the beam suffer a ranged attack against AD, for 1d6-1 Heat damage. Creatures and objects wounded by this attack are lit on fire. You may cast this spell again on your next turn without spending any charges, for an additional +1 damage, +1 meter to beam width, and +25 meters to beam length (cumulative with repeated castings), but you must aim it in the same direction.

The rush of flames from the beam is audible from 300 meters away all along the beam's path.

Unique Boosts: Cleansing Fire (Black Gem.png, 4 Sacrifice Energy): Any hits on projected Avatars or Avatars' items also hit the real things in the other realm.