Explosive handprint

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OrangeGem.png Explosive Handprint
You imbue some of your body grease with explosive power.
[ Bound ], [ Magic-Damage ], [ Muscle-Area ]
Target: A touched surface of an unattended object.
Effect: When Explosive Handprint is unbound, the touched location detonates. All creatures and unattended objects within a 5 meter radius blast around it suffer an attack against AD, for 1d6 Heat Damage. Creatures and objects wounded by this attack are lit on fire.

The explosion is audible from 1000 meters away.

Unique Boosts: Legible (+0 Tiers, PurpleGem.png): Speak a word or phrase as you cast this spell. The word or phrase can be read in the handprint from a distance of up to 2 meters. When read, the spell is unbound.

Mark of Justice (+1 Tier): The spell can be cast on a touched creature or attended object instead. This requires a successful attack against AD to place, but automatically hits the target it was cast on when it detonates.