Dance dance revolver

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Dance Dance Revolver.png
Dance Dance Revolver
Coins 20
Weight 1 Kilogram
Technologies: Magitech
Damage: 1d6 Physical
Range: 40m/80m/200m
Reload Time: Standard action to load 3 shells.
Ammunition: The revolver holds enough shells for 6 attacks, and each shell weighs 0.05 Kilograms.
Handedness: Reloading requires two hands. Firing can be done in one hand with a -1 penalty to attack, or with two hands for no penalty.
Effects: Pink Gem.png Creatures wounded by the Dance Dance Revolver must succeed on a DC 4 Will Save or become compelled to do nothing but dance in place for 1 round per wound.
Special: The Dance Dance Revolver is a Piercing Gun.