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OrangeGem.png Curse Food
A magical trap in which the eater becomes the eaten.
[ Bound ], [ Magic-Damage ]
Target: Touched object weighing no more than 500 kilograms.
Effect: If you hit the target with an attack against AD (it has 2), then it becomes cursed with the power to eat anything that eats it. One minute after the target is consumed by a creature, that creature's insides begin to be devoured: at the beginnings of each of that creature's next 5 turns, that creature takes 1d6 damage. After the fifth such turn, Curse Food is unbound. When this spell is unbound, the object devours itself, leaving no trace behind.
Unique Boosts: Creative Curse (+1 Tier): If the next spell you begin and finish casting before the end of your next turn could have a single creature target, the spell is instead embedded in the food: the spell takes effect on the first creature to eat it.
Creative Curse prevents the food from eating and damaging a creature's insides.
You cannot recharge the charge for the spell until it takes effect or the food is destroyed.