Bone prison

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Bone prison.png
WhiteGem.png Bone Prison
Bones spring from the ground to capture your target.
[ Magic-Targets ]
Target: One creature to which you have line of sight within 100 meters.
Effect: Make a ranged attack against the target's GD. If you hit, they are surrounded on all sides by large bones too tightly packed to squeeze through. Destroying the bones is possible: a 1 square meter wall of bone has 2 HP and 4 Toughness.
Unique Boosts: Prison Guard's Unilemma (+0 Tiers): The spell targets every creature within your reach, encasing every hit target in bones extending from you. The spell becomes [ Bound ]. Destroying these bones is done by reducing you to 0 or less HP or unbinding the spell. While the spell is bound, you are paralyzed.