Bone armor

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WhiteGem.png Bone Armor
The target is suddenly protected by an amazingly strong suit of shining bone.
[ Bound ], [ Magic-Targets ]
Cast Time: Move Action
Target: One creature to which you have line of sight within 60 meters
Effect: If you hit the target with an attack against GD, they are armored in fullplate of bone, which weighs half as much as normal fullplate. The armor lasts for as long as it is bound. The spell ends if the armor is removed or destroyed.
Ritual Mode: The armor is absurdly heavy, weighing 20 times as much as normal fullplate but with four times the HP.
Unique Boosts: Constricting (+0 Tiers): The wearer can only inhale as a standard action, and they are squeezed.

Complete (+0 Tiers): The armor completely covers their entire body, blocking vision and obscuring hearing. Attackers can't choose to treat the armor as total cover but must shoot at or through it instead.

Suppressible (+0 Tiers): The target can make the armor disappear for 1 round as a lesser action. The armor reappears on their body.