Become the storm

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Become the Storm.png
AnimatedCerulean.png Become the Storm
Cast Time: Standard Action AND Move Action
Target: You.
Effect: You vanish in a puff of steam, which rapidly grows into a 1 kilometer-wide, 100 meter thick cloud that floats up at a rate of 250 meters per round (potentially seeping through solid rock) until it's at least 2 kilometers above the ground. It produces a constant heavy rain. You're not completely gone: you control the cloud and have an Auditory sense like a 200 meter creature centered in the cloud with which to observe the world, but you cannot be targeted. As a move action, you can move the cloud laterally a distance equal to your swim speed or fly speed. As a standard action, you can use the cloud's Lightning Bolt Loud Heavy Magic-Damage weapon, which attacks three targets within a range of 300m/2500m and deals 1d6+1 Electricity damage; it doesn't gain this weapon until it reaches its full altitude. As a standard action, you can dismiss the cloud and reappear at its center. You cannot take any other kinds of actions while this spell is active.

Every round, starting after the cloud reaches its full altitude, roll 2d6. On 3 or less, the cloud is dismissed by itself.