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All Angels are capable of granting feathers: as a standard action, if they hit a touched Avatar from the mortal realm with an attack against GD, the creature's real self will have one of the angel's feathers in its possession when it stops projecting. Each angel can only have one of its feathers in the mortal realm at a time, and cannot grant more until the existing one has been destroyed. Feathers are used for certain summoning spells and abilities, and don't do much otherwise.

If the possessor of the feather and the Angel whose feather it is are not part of the same party, the Angelfeather counts against its possessor's point limit, at a cost of one-half as many points as the Angel itself is worth.

This is a beautiful black feather, with shape differing slightly depending on which angel it came from.
Value 5 copper
Weight 1/4 kilograms
Effects: When projecting into the astral realm, no copy of the feather appears there.
Special: The feather decays to a dull gray after one month, becoming functionally destroyed.