Vaulter's spear

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Vaulter's Spear
Psychic Weapon
This is a spear with a curve motif.
Psychic Crafting Requirements Psi Strength 12 meters and Force
[ Muscle-Damage ], [ Piercing ]
Value 400 copper
Weight 3 kilograms
Damage: 1d8-1 Physical
Handedness: Vaulter's spears can be wielded in one hand, or two hands for +1 Damage.
Effects: As a standard action, the spear's creator can fling you up to 60 meters in any direction if you're within their Faint Aura.
Special: Your reach with a vaulter's spear is 1 meter farther than it would normally be, but when attacking targets within 1 meter with it, it deals only 1d6-1 damage and is not Piercing.