Soul crush

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Soul Crush.jpg
Pink Gem.png Soul Crush
With a nihilistic tune, you crush the target's soul.
[ Bound ], [ Magic-Damage ]
Target: One creature with a soul who can hear you within 60 meters
Effect: If the target fails a Will save, their soul begins to be crushed. They are paralyzed and take 1d6+1 Mind damage at the beginnings of each of their turns until they can no longer hear you. If they would be knocked unconscious by this damage, their soul is suppressed, they regain 1 HP, they are not knocked unconscious, they lose their personality, and they obey you enthusiastically without question for so long as this spell is bound. After 3 rounds, if the total force you possess exceeds your point limit, the spell is unbound. If the spell is unbound, the target becomes unconscious for 1 day, after which time their soul is mostly restored and they may act normally again.
Unique Boosts: Brain Loan (Viridian.png, +1 Tier): When you successfully crush the target's soul, you also implant a bit of your sensory abilities with a link into their brain. This allows you to use their senses for Remote Viewing, and allows them to hear your voice whenever you speak. This effect ends when the spell is unbound.