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When making a skill check, roll a d10, add the number of skill points you've invested in the skill, and compare to a DC. The DC for a skill check ranges from 3, for almost trivial actions, to 15, for almost superhuman actions. Unlike most other actions, a roll of 1 doesn't necessarily fail, and a roll of 10 doesn't necessarily succeed.

Acrobatics: Do stunts, like walking on tightropes, sliding down bannisters, or jumping through hoops.

Arcana: Understand magical effects.

Bluff: Tell lies by rolling equal to or higher than any observer’s Insight. You can also be Frightening with a Frightening value equal to your Bluff check -10 as a standard action, affecting any number of creatures within 20', or any one creature who can hear you.

Diplomacy: Hit things off right, or persuade someone who's ambivalent.

Disguise: Conceal your appearance or that of another to seem like a different creature of similar size and shape. Tricks people unless they roll higher Insight than your Disguise roll.

History: Remember past events, and the locations thereof.

Insight: Detect lies by rolling higher than the target's Bluff. Detect disguises by rolling higher than the target's Disguise. Either of these things is a minor action, but can only be attempted once per statement or disguise.

Items: Identify items, or repair them.

Legerdemain: Conceal actions with an effective Stealth value equal to one third of your roll. cheap actions have no penalty, immediate actions and minor actions have a -3 penalty, move actions have a -9 penalty, and standard actions have a -15 penalty.

Nature: Identify plants and animals, predict the weather, forage for food.

Scripts: Understand ancient or damaged writings. Make forgeries, which can only be seen as such with an equal or higher Scripts check.

Strongman: Break iron bars, smash doors, climb.