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Elite Tier Expertise
♦ As a standard action, you may kill an unconscious creature within reach. If you do, all other creatures within 20 meters who are aware of this find you Frightening X, where X is dependent on the victim's tier (Common: 3, Elite: 5, Paragon: 6, Legend: 8). You may designate any number of creatures you are aware of to get -3 to the DC. If you already had this ability, the distance at which creatures are affected increases by 30 meters.
♦ Other creatures within reach get a -1 penalty to Will saves. This penalty does not stack with other instances of Sadist on this character or any other.
♦ You can make a Cut Out attempt as an Attack Option, at an additional -2 penalty to accuracy. If you already had this ability, the penalty decreases by 1.
Special: This class may be taken multiple times.