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Paragon Tier Expertise
You can blow up basically anything.
♦ You get +1 Demolition.
♦ You can plant Delayed Viruses in a system with a Hacking Difficulty of 5. Once you do, choose a trigger (all systems have access to a system clock) and a secondary hack to be deployed when the Delayed Virus triggers, then make a hacking check for the second hack. When the system detects the chosen event, it performs the other hack that you designated when you planted the Delayed Virus. If you attempt to place a Delayed Virus in a system that already has a Delayed Virus in it, a random one of the two survives, and you cannot determine which one it is without waiting for it to trigger. If you already had this ability, the Hacking Difficulty of planting a Delayed Virus decreases by 1.
Special: This class may be taken up to three times.