Radioplastic explosives

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Radioplastic Explosives.png
Radioplastic Explosives
[ Loud 3000 meters ]
Coins 60
Weight 4 kilograms
Technologies: Miniaturized Fission
Handedness: Can only be used one-handed.
Effects: When it detonates, it deals one 1d6+4 Heat damage hit to all creatures and unattended objects in a 12 meter blast, and another hit to creatures and unattended objects in a 6 meter blast. If it was properly shaped to the object it was attached to (a standard action), it gets +4 damage against that object.
The Radioplastic Explosive has a wireless connection, which may be activated or deactivated as a standard action. If it's armed, the creature must have a password or Hack the device in order to change the wireless without detonating the explosive.
The Radioplastic Explosive has a Hackability Score of 4, and detonates when it detects a hacking attempt.
Special: Placing the Radioplastic Explosive is a heavy attack. When placed, you may choose the detonation method: It has a built-in computer, set to work as a trap Computer.