Particle cannon

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Particle Cannon.png
Particle Cannon
[ Heavy ], [ Loud 100 meters ], [ Trigger Grip ]
Coins 600
Weight 1500 Kilograms
Damage: 1d6+3 Electricity
Range: 80m/160m
Reload Time: The barrel takes 1 round to cool down.
Ammunition: Each attack costs 2 Power.
Handedness: Firing can be done with one or two hands.
Effects: Each wound the particle cannon inflicts also drains 3 Power from the target and scrambles their TEMPEST sense, if any, for 1 minute.
Supersize: Area of Effect: The particle cannon attacks every creature and unattended object in a 20 meter spray, but deals 3 less damage.

Guaranteed Scramble: If it hits, the particle cannon drains power and scrambles TEMPEST sense as though it inflicted 2 additional wounds.