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[ Heavy ], [ Loud 30000 meters ]
Coins 4000
Weight 350 Kilograms
Damage: 1d20+22 Heat
Handedness: Arming and dropping the nuke can be done one-handed.
Effects: The nuke attacks all targets in a 25000 meter radius blast, using an accuracy of +5. Creatures take 1 less damage for every 600 meters away they are from the blast center. Missed creatures still take 1d20+14 Heat damage, before reduction for distance.
The first 1000 meters of the blast radius becomes dangerously radioactive for 1 hour, with 15 fewer minutes for every 1000 additional meters. While dangerously radioactive, creatures and objects in the area take 1d10-3 Light damage per round. After the time has passed, the radiation dies down to levels that are only significantly harmful with much longer exposures.
The nuke can be set with a timer, delaying its explosion by a specified number of rounds. The timer can be changed or canceled with a wired connection and a DC 6 Hacking check.
Special: The Nuke is extremely illegal, and the usage of a Nuke will usually result in attack by the most major militaries around.