Laser chaingun

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Laser Chaingun.png
Laser Chaingun
[ Automatic ], [ Loud ], [ Trigger Grip ]
Coins 60
Weight 8 Kilograms
Damage: 1d6+1 Light
Range: 40m/100m/Unlimited
Ammunition: The Laser Chaingun takes 1 power on any round in which it is fired, plus an additional power equal to its Charge.
Handedness: Firing can be done in one or two hands.
Effects: Each round in which it is fired, the Laser Chaingun's Charge increases by 1. At the beginning of its wielder's turn, it may take a number of additional attacks equal to its Charge. If it is not fired for a round, its Charge decreases to 0 again.
The Laser Chaingun gets -1 Damage for every 5000 meters of distance to the target through transparent gases of 0.5 Atmospheres or more.