Instantiate perfect human

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Instantiate character.png
Pink Gem.png, PurpleGem.png Instantiate Perfect Human
Target: Open space that a 1 meter creature could hear you from within 300 meters
Effect: You create a Common tier Human character with the Perfect class and fewer than three Extra slots in the open space. For the first two rounds, souled creatures other than you who fail a Will Save cannot observe the existence of this character in any way. For example, even if the character kills someone and opens a door, souled creatures believe that the target is still alive and the door is still closed. After 3 rounds, this perfect character abandons your party unless the total force you possess does not exceed your point limit.

Choose the exact design of creature to be created when you learn this spell. That is the only character you can create with this spell. You may learn this spell multiple times in order to choose different designs.