Hydran jaculus

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Hydran Jaculus

Hydran Jaculus.jpg

The hydran jaculus is a two legged lizard with large, batlike wings. They have a tendency to climb inside other creatures and attack their internal organs directly.

Hydran jaculi are not particularly smart, and can only speak Draconic languages.

Hydran Jaculus
Paragon   —   85 points
AD  10     GD 9     Will 1     HP  3     Toughness 4
Accuracy  3     Save DC 7     Magic Power -1
Stealth 4     Perception 2     Agility 11
Descriptors  [ Blooded ], [ Bony ], [ Living ], [ Green ]
Movement  41 meter land speed with 1 meter jump. 41 meter swim speed with 5 meter sink. 186 meter fly speed with 30 meter aerobatics.
Size  0.5 meters     Reach 0.5 meters
Weight 8 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Avoider, Ungrabbable, Offensive, Sturdy, Brutal
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 2, Ungrabbable 2, Determined, Energetic, Aggressive 2, Stealthy 2, Perceptive 2, Sturdy 2, Super-Stealthy
Extras  Small

Hydran jaculi have one "hand", their mouths, and deal 1d6+1 damage with unarmed attacks (Strongman included).

It has a Muscle-Damage Enter weapon, which deals 1d6+1 damage (Strongman included) and causes it to enter the target on a successful wound; while inside the other creature, all of its attacks hit automatically without need for an attack roll. It can only be removed by Cutting it Out, or by having it move out of the creature of its own volition. It can only Enter creatures larger than itself.


Chest Burster (25 points): As a standard action, the Hydran Jaculus may attempt to explode out of the creature it is currently inside. This deals 1d6+2 Physical damage (Strongman included) to the creature: on a successful wound, bits of the creature explode outwards, making an attack for 1d6 Physical damage (Strongman included) against each other creature and unattended object in a 30 meter, 90 degree conical spray. Whether or not it wounds, the Hydran Jaculus stops being inside its host. The Hydran Jaculus gains two Advanced Specialties.

Aquatic (25 points): The Hydran Jaculus's swim speed increases by 50 meters, and all of its other speeds increase by 15 meters. It does not need to breathe. It gains a Heavy Magic-Damage Electric Burst attack, which targets all other creatures in a 5 meter blast, dealing 1d6 Electricity damage (Magic Power included) and stunning wounded creatures for 1 round. The Hydran Jaculus gains two Advanced Specialties and becomes [ Blue ].

Alp Luachra (25 points): Whenever the Hydran Jaculus wounds a creature, it may make that creature experience one additional day of hunger per wound inflicted. The Hydran Jaculus gains two Advanced Specialties and becomes [ Orange ].