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The Gem Lords is a tactical RPG battle game, which uses large numbers of d10s.

Basic Mechanic

Unless otherwise specified, a die roll consists of rolling a d10, adding values, and comparing with some number. Except in the case of skills and where otherwise specified, a roll of a 1 fails, and a roll of 10 counts as a roll of 15.

Round and Actions

Combat is composed of a series of 15 second rounds, during which each character may take a turn.


When any player cares about the turn order, each player (including the DM) rolls a single d6 for initiative to apply to all characters they control. Then each character they control applies its own Agility as a bonus to the roll.

Break ties randomly when needed, but note that characters can choose to Delay their turns for a better turn order.


During each character’s turn, that character may take a standard action and a move action, as well as engaging in many smaller actions. Instead of a standard action, a character may take another move action. A round (each character taking a turn) is fifteen seconds. There are also immediate actions, which can be used on any turn, and interrupt the current event or action immediately: each immediate action taken requires the character to expend one move action as soon as they are able; a character cannot have more than two pending move actions of this type at a time.


If something has a duration measured in rounds, that means it ends at the beginning of the current initiative count, some number of rounds later.

Character Generation

In this game, unlike most other RPGs, you may have multiple characters, built from a single pool of points. The DM specifies a point limit, and each player may build characters whose total point value does not exceed that limit. See the full rules here. Normally, lost characters may not be replaced with new ones or points spent on existing ones until at least 24 hours have passed, but minion creation powers can sometimes allow you to get new characters much faster.

The DM may also optionally specify a maximum starting point value: no new character you build may cost more than that many points, and you may only exceed that value for a creature by spending points when the DM increases the size of your point pool.

The Invisible Hand of the DM

The DM has to spend some effort deciding the point limits of the players and the point values of their opponents. Read some thoughts on that here.


See the rules for arms and armor.

Other Rules

All of the pages in Base Rules are important.