Fight or flight

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Fight or Flight.jpg

When something Frightening happens, a character must make a Will save against a DC equal to that event's Frightening value. If the character fails, they must perform their Fear Response. At the end of each of the character’s turns, they may roll a Will save again to stop their Fear Response, with the same Frightening value. Frightening things are [ Fear ] effects. If no value is specified for something Frightening, use the causer of the scary thing's Save DC.

Fear Response

Flee: Move as quickly as possible away from the creature or event that caused the Will save.
Frenzy: Approach the creature or object that caused the Will save and attack it as aggressively as possible.
Hide: Run out of sight of the creature or event that caused the Will save, take cover, and cower.
Freeze: Delay with Standard AND Move actions.
Flare ([ Psychics ] only): Enter the Flared state and perform no actions that would directly cause you to leave it. If you're already Flaring, triggering the Flare fear response again counts as Frenzy.