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Bound: The charge used to cast a bound spell cannot be recharged until the spell is no longer bound. A caster may unbind one spell they have bound as a standard action.

A creature or object who is currently the target of a bound spell cannot have more instances of that spell bound to them. A spell with the same name but different Boosts applied to it normally counts as the same spell for this purpose.

While the caster of the bound spell does not have the necessary colors of gems to cast that spell, the bound spell is suppressed, and reactivates if possible when the caster has the right gems again.

Linked: A linked effect is one that interacts in a special way with things that suppress or end effects.

Magic-Targets: A magic-targets spell affects one additional target for every 3 Magic Power the caster has. If the caster's Magic Power is negative, they must roll 1d6+Magic Power against a DC of 0 in order to successfully cast the spell: failure wastes the action.

Time, Joy, and Fear descriptors do not have any specific mechanical attributes.

Creature Descriptors: The following descriptors are for creatures specifically:

  • Living, Undead, Machine: Gaining one of these descriptors removes the other. Living and Undead creatures have souls. Living creatures need to breathe.
  • Blooded: The creature has a significant quantity of bodily fluids, and needs to stay hydrated.
  • Bony: The creature has bones.
  • Psychic: A psychic is a creature with Faint and Strong auras, and can potentially use Techniques and Presences. It has a soul even if it is a Machine. Psychics can Flare.
  • Angel: The creature is native to the astral realm. It does not need to eat and cannot swear. It can give other creatures Angelfeathers for use in summoning it to the mortal realm.

Color Descriptors: Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Blue, Green, and Black do not have any mechanical effect, but serve to indicate that such a creature (or other thing) is most likely inappropriate in a setting that does not contain gems of that color.