Death Spirit

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Death Spirit

The End of All Things

A skeleton made of rusty metal, the death spirit stalks the land in search of life and unlife to snuff out. It has two hands.

As a standard action, the death spirit can emanate a blast of death with a 50 meter radius, making an attack against AD against each other creature in the area. Hit creatures instantly die.

When a creature dies, and the death spirit is aware of it, it may use an immediate action to either cause a blast of death as above, centered on the dying creature, or teleport to that creature.

The death spirit is quite smart, and can speak and understand any word a dead creature once spoke, using that creature's voice. It survives on a diet of calories.

The End of All Things
God   —   15000 points
AD  26     GD 20     Will 21     HP  4     Toughness 10
Accuracy  9     Save DC 10
Stealth 13     Perception 14     Agility {{{agility}}}
Descriptors  [ Bony ], [ Machine ]
Movement  100 meter land speed with 2 meter jump distance. 75 meter swim speed with 15 meter sink.
Size  1 meter     Reach 1 meter
Weight 60 Kilograms
Basic Specialties  Avoider 3, Ungrabbable 3, Stubborn 3, Defensive 3, Offensive 3
Advanced Specialties  Avoider 9, Ungrabbable 9, Stubborn 9, Aggressive 9, Violent 5, Smooth 4, Sturdy 9, Stealthy 9, Perceptive 9, Super-Avoider 3, Super-Stubborn 3, Super-Stealthy 1, Super-Perceptive 2
Skills  Insight +11 (2048 skill points), Legerdemain +11 (2048 skill points), Bluff +9 (512 skill points), Scripts +9 (512 skill points), History +9 (880 skill points)

Defeat: When the death spirit is reduced to -4 HP or less, it is utterly destroyed, creatures that were currently dead stop being creatures, and the dead status effect ceases to exist.