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World Manipulation Campaigns

This optional system aims to provide an element of long-term strategy to the game.


City Morale

Certain ways of interacting with cities depend on the general morale of the populace. This morale is dependent upon two things: Authority and Necessities.

Authority: This can be undermined in one of two ways:

  • Undermining Leaders: Demonstrating that the leadership of the city or country does not adhere properly to the country's prevailing moral code. If a lie is told to 70% of the populace without proof of innocence being provided to counteract it, or a true moral failing gets 70% exposure with the help of proof of guilt, the leadership is undermined. Government can restore its authority with a suitable punishment and replacement leader(s).
  • Undermining Moral Code: By showing to at least 70% of the populace that the moral code is inferior to your own at achieving what it purports to achieve.

Necessities: If the death rate exceeds 1% per month for three months, or 10% for a single month, and it is not clearly the fault of an opposing force, the city will not feel that its Necessities are being taken care of.

Death Rate

With 2000 Calories of food per day per person, sufficient shelter for the weather, and a lack of any new epidemics, the death rate is 0.1% per month. Every 300 Calories of reduction of food doubles the death rate. Paltry shelter doubles the death rate, and shelter that fails to protect against an ongoing storm kills 1d4-1% of the population per day. If there are any new strains of deadly diseases going around, the death rate is doubled.

Capturing Cities

By Force: If a city is captured by force, it needs a garrison worth 1 point per 50 people or the inhabitants will overthrow the captors again.

By Surrender: An invading force can ask a city to surrender if its army is at least twice the strength of the city's. This doesn't work if the city has both Authority and Necessities under control.

By Revolt: A city can choose to switch over to the opposing side by itself if neither Authority nor Necessities are under control. This can be prevented by a garrison worth 1 point per 50 people.

Long-Distance Travel

Creatures can normally travel for 8 hours per day. A forced march can increase that by another 6 hours, but doing so gives -1 Toughness until fully rested.

The distance a creature travels in an hour depends on its speed and movement mode: 4 meter per round translates to 1 kilometer per hour. In inconvenient terrain like rocky mountains, caverns, or dense forest, movement is halved unless the creature has a combined Jump Distance and Acrobatics bonus of 10 or more, and reduced by one-quarter unless the combined Jump Distance and Acrobatics bonus is 20 or more.